About Me

From the time I was very young I was writing poems and stories. I have always made excellent marks in school writing assignments. As an adult I have taken courses from the University on writing professionally and creatively expounding on my natural abilities. I had several of my papers published in the college magazine, "In The Write Mind". I am enthusiastic, punctual, and passionate about what I write. I have a creative mind with diverse interests from medicine and parenting to science fiction and fantasy.

I identify myself as a mother and I have a hard time separating the "me" out. As most parents understand, once you have children they are your whole world. My oldest son is almost 16 now and can hardly wait to get his driver's license and has a strong interest in Veterinary Science. My daughter is 13 and aspires to be a singer, she used to model, and has had a few roles as an extra. My youngest son is 10 and he has a lot of personality, he likes to talk about dinosaurs and biology, he too wants to be a Veterinarian.

As for me? Oh I forgot this was supposed to be about me! As a hobby I love to sing I'm not tone deaf, I'm a decent singer but I'm not looking to get on stage anytime soon (although if you pass by me in my car or see me in my living room I can often be spotted singing at the top of my lungs.) I love music in general I was in Chorus for 2 years and Band for 5 years (marching and concert). I play the flute as my primary instrument but I've dabbled with the clarinet, oboe, and piano.

I spent the first couple years of college not knowing what direction I wanted to go. Growing up I had always been told I would make an excellent teacher. I love to help out students in my classes and tutor them. Eventually I decided I wanted to do sonography but by then I was very close to getting my Associates degree so I finished up and graduated. After that I didn't want to go backwards by getting a certificate program and my school counselor advised me of a Bachelor's in Radiology program at the University of Central Florida. I didn't need too many courses as pre-requisites but they were consecutive Physics 1 and 2, for example, so I spent another two years finishing up those classes. Once I was accepted to UCF I tried to get into the limited access program but ran in to a lot of road blocks, primarily my 3.0 GPA (which had fallen down from a 3.4 because of my grade forgiveness not being accepted.) Year after year I applied and didn't get in. Meanwhile, I had been taking as many "easy" classes as I could by the time I'd exhausted all of my financial aid and maxed out my loans, I needed to graduate and the closest degree was Psychology. (I had credits all over the place from health to writing.) I would not recommend the degree to anyone because it has resulted in exactly 0 job opportunities. Now I have resigned myself to going backwards and getting back to my passion, Radiology. There is a local technical school that has a limited access certificate program (partnered with my Alma Mater to create an Associates degree with a few extra courses which I already have.) Fingers crosses with any luck I'll get in this summer.

I have always love martial arts though I've had very limited professional instruction and most of what I've learned has been from my fiance who has several black belts and medals as well as having been an assistant instructor at one point. I also love to dance, read, swim, bike ride and to some extent I like just being outdoors.

As for the here and now I am focusing on my writing. I am doing freelance work as much as possible. Enjoy my blog, feel free to comment, and visit often!
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