Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Goal

Specific and Realistic goals

I took some photos of myself that I can use as a starting point. I have a habit of taking photos like this:

Which make me look if not thin at least of normal weight and I can continue to delude myself into thinking, I don't look that bad. When the reality is so much worse!
I want badly to be in better shape and it's time I did something about it! I don't want to look like this anymore but more importantly I want to be healthy!
Baby steps towards my weight loss goals:
  • Eat Healthier
  • Monitor what I eat
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Make Exercise FUN
  • Portion Control
Monitoring of my caloric intake and exercise (calories burned) on The Daily Plate a website with an extensive library that calculates how many calories you've eaten.

To make my exercise fun, I will be doing a lot of it on the Wii
The Wii to Get Fit 1
The Wii to Get Fit 2
The Wii to Get Fit 3

Using the Livestrong (free) website I calculated out what my calorie goal should be. I want to lose weight nice and slow (so that the weight stays off) so I'm setting my goal as 2 lbs a week. You put in your age, height, weight, weight loss goal, and activity level. For me if I want to stay my current weight I would need to eat 2,317 calories a day. I always pick my activity level as Sedentary because you can also add in your activities and especially if you don't do the same things every day then this makes calculating your activity level that much simpler (and I LOVE seeing how many calories I burnt off with each activity!) To lose the weight I want I need to keep my calories under 1,317 a day.
A Food Log for a typical day before I started my diet

On this day I got a total of 1565 Calories Not too bad considering I hadn't planned on starting my diet today!

Above you can see how Livestrong breaks down what you eat so it's not just a straight calorie goal. How much fat, cholesterol, sodium, Carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and sugars are you consuming?

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